Denise Lewis Heptathlon Cheat

As my 360 is being repaired after RROD I decided to play some online games 😛

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25 Responses to “Denise Lewis Heptathlon Cheat”

  1. luneysuney says:

    omg how the hell did you do that?!!!

  2. MegaGERNADE says:

    it works thx

  3. MegaGERNADE says:

    it works thx

  4. 5callumisSiik says:

    @Slowmo118 it doesnt u noob, i just tried it

  5. 5callumisSiik says:

    @Testgm123 its a camera noob

  6. sarahjanecapello says:

    the guy that holds up the ‘Come on denise’ sign looks like hes holding up an unregistered hypercam sign 😀

  7. subsNmus says:

    damn denise took some steds

  8. rokayamum666 says:

    it’s called an auto typer

  9. oMSG911o says:


  10. pewzi says:

    I know something who works. Try to use a dell-keyboard to your pc. Just hold B and N and the sprinter is going wild 😀

  11. sweetness754 says:

    it doesn’t work

  12. chrisenp says:


  13. nickypicky415 says:

    it DOESNT WORK!!!!!

  14. shawnie1818 says:

    my comp dont let me hold down the b n n buttons to do that

  15. MCHammersmith says:

    How come you don’t get tired on the 800 metres?

  16. BTBugger says:

    Once again, Slowmo118 is correct. You do only have to compress both B and N once and hold them down at the same time. Remember though that the release on the shotput throw is crucial. If you fail three times you are eliminated from that event. however, if you release the throw perfectly after a few spins, you can achieve a distance of over 300 metres and it is worth around 20,000 points No Crap.

  17. BTBugger says:

    The cheat works every time, no matter how fast or slow you press the buttons (B+N). Just remember it must be done simultaniuosly and they must be held down on the third compression or it will not work. Also, be very careful during the shotput. The timing of your throw is crucial. You only get three attempts and may miss them all. Otherwise everything else is easy as : D

  18. BTBugger says:

    Slowmo118 is correct. You press both the B and N keys down at the same time and hold them down. However, what you need to do first is press both keys three times then hold them down on the third press. I’ve just figured it out and ended with a high score of 57000+. Easy as!!! : D

  19. Slowmo118 says:

    You need to press the keys down at exactly the same time and hold them. The bar should then go to full

  20. ineon05 says:

    so whats the cheat to do that. Please reply

  21. Slowmo118 says:

    You obviously didnt look carefully enough. Pause on 00:00 and you will see that it says HyperCam – Recording. That menu is just to start the recording. I didnt bother editing it out.

  22. Testgm123 says:

    No he has a hack hotkey thing in the beginning of the view. Watch carefully, hes using a program.

  23. catatonia1 says:

    you gottttttttttaaaaa tell us how to do that dog!!!

  24. Slowmo118 says:

    you just hold both the keys down at the same time!

  25. Amygeen says:

    You Gotta Tell Us How Ya Do That 😛

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